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We understand the importance of using sound land-use planning principles, and cohesive and intentional design guidelines to create holistic communities.

We understand the importance of using sound land-use planning principles, and cohesive and intentional design guidelines to create holistic communities. Our goal is to design beautiful and memorable communities through innovative planning and design, reducing economic and environmental costs, while enhancing community livability. We believe that the integration of renewable energy technologies and the careful management of natural resources such as vegetation, wetlands and water are central to the creation of complete communities. We’re passionate about reducing the carbon footprint caused by buildings and the urban environment. We focus on project-level and incremental improvements in our pursuit of a better, more resilient world.

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List of Services

  • Architectural Design Guidelines 
  • Community Water Management Design
  • Development Strategies 
  • Government Approvals
  • Master Land Use Plans and Site Plans 
  • Renewable Energy Infrastructure Design
  • Site Analysis and Selection 
  • Urban Planning
  • Urban Land Use Studies
  • Urban Landscape Design
  • Urban Redevelopment 

Winnipeg Office
289 Garry St. Suite 300
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1H9
Toll: 844-669-6234

Calgary Office
Unit 200, 337  17 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2S 0A5
Toll: 844-669-6234

Atlanta Office
101 Marietta St., NW Suite 2320
Atlanta, Georgia
Toll: 844-669-6234

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