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We are design innovators. We built a practice based on integrity, collaboration and trust, creating innovative and original human environments that make for unforgettable experiences


Back in 2010, Emeka Nnadi envisioned a boutique consulting firm that tackled global environmental issues, countering with smart, scalable and relevant projects. He believed that incorporating innovative, resilient and sustainable techniques into clients’ projects would help reduce our carbon footprint and the long-term effects of climate change—the defining issue of our time.

As a global citizen trained in architecture, landscape architecture and urban design, Emeka wondered: How can we leave the world a better place than we found it?

From its inception, Nadi has strived to answer this question, and in the process, has built a strong reputation and innovative body of work. What began as a sole proprietorship evolved into a collaborative and interdisciplinary team of talented landscape architects, architectural/urban designers, planners and technical staff. The team has received industry and peer recognition and international design accolades for delivering thoughtful, creative and sustainable design solutions for a variety of projects and clients.

While Nadi’s four areas of expertise (Innovative HousingSolutions; Public Space and Land Art; Green Infrastructure; and Resilient Communities) guide our work, we are also inspired by the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Three of these SDGs (Clean Water and Sanitation; Affordable and Clean Energy; and Sustainable Cities and Communities) directly inform our work. 

We aspire to bring these goals and innovations to our clients’ projects to increase holistic short and long-term value. We love to design, and we do it with a passion to design for a better world.


Our talent is our most valuable resource. We employ a diverse group of individuals who each bring their unique design understanding and experience to the work we produce for clients. We embrace and celebrate each person’s ideas, views and inspirations because we believe they enhance a client’s vision and elevate the final design concept and built work. Our staff has extensive experience in landscape architecture, urban design and planning. This experience has been instrumental to our success in design competitions and in our relationship with clients. Our approach is collaborative, and our vision is to be part of a shared design and engineering community that creates memorable, endearing and sustainable spaces and places. Together, we will positively transform our world.


Nadi’s innovative, service-focused team of urban designers, landscape architects and urban planners approach projects within our four areas of expertise: InnovativeHousing Solutions, Public Space and Land Art, Green Infrastructure, and Resilient Communities. We approach each area of expertise either in silos or collaboratively to achieve our overarching mission: design for a better world.


We invest in our staff because they are our most valuable resource. At Nadi, we believe that a healthy work-life balance is imperative to our firm’s success. We provide our staff with individual and collective professional development and learning opportunities, competitive benefits, and a positive and inclusive work environment. We are always looking for bright, enthusiastic and creative minds to join our team. If you think we should have a conversation, please connect with us through email.

Winnipeg Office
289 Garry St. Suite 300
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1H9
Toll: 844-669-6234

Calgary Office
Unit 200, 337  17 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2S 0A5
Toll: 844-669-6234

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