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Stony Mountain Secondary Plan

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The Rural Municipality (RM) of Rockwood contracted Nadi to develop a Secondary Plan on a local residential greenfield site. The plan is meant to provide land developers, home builders, and community members with the necessary tools and guidelines to ensure that the growth and development of this site will occur in a well-planned, integrated and environmentally sound manner.

Project Requirements

The plan, while future-oriented, is also meant to embrace an innovative approach to create a complete community. Our vision for this 67.7-acre panel supports four main goals, forming the basis for the master plan concept and its guiding policies:

  1. To deliver an attractive, inclusive neighbourhood - Unique character with a unique lifestyle and recreational amenities.
  2. To deliver a thriving community – Strong focus on family values and ageing-in-place concepts.
  3. To deliver a healthy, liveable and resilient environment – Opportunities for seamless connectivity with ease of walking to beautiful public spaces.
  4. To deliver a vibrant, sustainable housing – Diverse range of adaptable housing options.

Nadi developed the plan in consultation with a range of stakeholders, including the landowner, the RM of Rockwood, and the Stony Mountain Town Council who are actively engaged in sharing their vision and interests for the future development of Stony Mountain.

Our Role

We developed a planning vision, while also setting goals and guiding principles in consultation with the RM of Rockwood. Moreover, we provided a conceptual master plan for the site, which supports the vision and structure of the secondary plan document. This project is ongoing.

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